Itty-Bitty-Building Space

Kinematics collapses forms, self assembles, drapes, and allows you to make, well, that lovely bespoke garment… Advertisements

Escher – Surrealism Into Reality

  25 years ago people would have viewed 3D printing as science fiction. Chances are you think the image above is impossible.  Time marches on my friend, welcome to the future.

Seamless Blossom – Dynamic 3D print

  It may seem like a trivial, inflatable, rubber lollipop, but I assure you, it is that  (and so much more).

The Grind – CNC Audio Translation

Our music is the soundtrack for the life we live. This is the sculpture of everything else around us.

Green Printing

  If you don’t have much of a green thumb, its o.k. Use some software and arduinos and nozzles and automate your garden.

4D Laser Fabrication

  I am practicing bending objects with my mind. Until then, I’ll settle for some laser magic.